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Extrimian’s Guide to SSI for Developers

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Introduction to Technical Documentation

If you’re a developer looking to dive into decentralized digital identity (SSI), Extrimian provides the resources you need. Our detailed guides and practical examples help you understand and use our tools effectively.

Learn, Practice, and Develop with ID Connect

Extrimian’s documentation covers essential topics that simplify your work with Self-sovereign Identity. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect:

1. Creating Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)

Discover how to create and manage DIDs, which let users establish their own secure and unique identifiers without relying on central authorities.

2. Managing Verifiable Credentials (VCs)

Our guides explain how to issue, store, and check verifiable credentials. This is crucial for organizations that need to issue trusted digital certificates and for users who need to prove their authenticity.

3. Using Extrimian ID Connect

Get step-by-step instructions on integrating SSI functionalities into your applications with Extrimian ID Connect. This includes how to generate invitations, handle messages, and publish DIDs on the blockchain.

// Ejemplo de publicación de un DID
const { Did } = require("@extrimian/did-registry");
const didService = new Did();
const createDidResponse = await didService.createDID({
  // Configuración del DID


Check out our video tutorials on Extrimian Academy and use our detailed documentation for each feature.

4. Key Management

Learn to securely generate and store cryptographic keys with Extrimian’s Key Management Service (KMS).

5. Interactions Between Identities

Explore how to set up secure communications between identities using decentralized nodes and the WACI-DIDComm protocol.

6. Setting Up Your Development Environment

Here’s how you can quickly start working with Extrimian’s tools:

mkdir quarkid-app
cd quarkid-app
npm init
npm install @extrimian/did-registry @extrimian/did-core @extrimian/kms-client @extrimian/kms-core

Getting Started

Extrimian’s resources are designed to make it easy for developers to adopt and implement decentralized digital identity solutions. Explore our materials and start building with SSI today!

Learn More

For a deeper dive into decentralized identity and its applications, visit our SSI Use Cases page.


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