DWN free Community Node for Data Management

decentralized Web Nodes free Community Node: Use case for emergency to access critical information in an accident victim’s DWN

At Extrimian, we use Decentralized Web Nodes (DWNs) to enhance data management and security. Our approach ensures that sensitive information is accessible when needed, especially in critical situations where immediate and active authorization is not possible. This blog post will explain how to use DWNs to manage access to private information, highlighting our solutions and […]

Zero Knowledge Proofs in Digital Identity

Zero Knowledge Proofs in Digital Identity. ZKPs illustration privacy and security with blockchain for digital data

A Deep Dive to ZKPs and Decentralized Technology with Extrimian In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital identity management, privacy and security are paramount. Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) stand out as a revolutionary technology, enabling the verification of claims without revealing underlying data. Extrimian is at the forefront, integrating ZKPs into decentralized digital identity systems […]

Reusable Digital Identity with Extrimian and SSI

Experience the Next Level of Digital Identity Security and Flexibility with Extrimian

Currently, the need for seamless, secure, and efficient identity management is more critical than ever. Extrimian stands at the forefront of the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) revolution, providing robust solutions that empower individuals to manage their digital identities securely and effortlessly. Through the innovative use of blockchain technology, Extrimian is transforming how identities are verified across […]

Choosing the Right DID Method

illustrating the process of choosing a DID method in a digital identity system.

Introduction to Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) If you’re delving into decentralized digital identity (SSI), understanding Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) is crucial. DIDs are unique identifiers that users can create and control without relying on third parties. They use cryptographic elements (public and private keys) to demonstrate ownership. At Extrimian, we provide comprehensive guidance to help you choose […]

Extrimian’s Guide to SSI for Developers

Developer using Extrimian’s SSI tools on a laptop

Introduction to Technical Documentation If you’re a developer looking to dive into decentralized digital identity (SSI), Extrimian provides the resources you need. Our detailed guides and practical examples help you understand and use our tools effectively. Learn, Practice, and Develop with ID Connect Extrimian’s documentation covers essential topics that simplify your work with Self-sovereign Identity. […]

Differences between zk-SNARKs and zk-STARKs

zk SNARK_Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge_zk STARK Zero-Knowledge Scalable Transparent Arguments of Knowledge

In the world of cryptography, two terms often come up: zk-SNARKs and zk-STARKs. Despite their similar names, these cryptographic tools have distinct features. In this guide, we’ll break down the key differences between zk-SNARKs and zk-STARKs, their applications, and how they relate to technologies like zk-Sync and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). Understanding zk-SNARKs zk-SNARKs, or Zero-Knowledge […]

Extrimian Academy: Web 3.0 Education

A person holding a digital key symbolizing decentralized digital identity

What is the Extrimian Academy? QuarkID and Decentralized Digital Identity adoption Following the recent announcement of the release of QuarkID’s code, a new paradigm in digital identity management is established. This innovative system, anchored in blockchain security, empowers users by giving them full control over their personal information. As technical providers and co-founders of QuarkID’s […]

The Global Decentralized ID: Self-Sovereign Identity Journey

Shattering Silos: Owning Your Digital Identity in the Age of Self-Sovereignty

Owning Your Digital Identity in the Age of Self-Sovereignty Imagine a world where your digital self isn’t imprisoned within the walled gardens of tech giants and government databases. No more surrendering your data for a flicker of online convenience. Instead, picture a universe where you hold the keys to your identity, selectively unlocking doors with […]

QuarkID partners with zkSync to lead Digital Identity Initiative in Latam

QuarkID and ZkSync Partnership for Digital Identity in Latam

TL;DR What is QuarkID? QuarkID is the Decentralized Digital Identity protocol anchored on zkSync Era, developed by Extrimian, and driven by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and other companies with extensive experience in decentralized technologies and data security. This initiative seeks to put the power of data in the hands of citizens. […]

Renewal of agreement: TIC Ministry of Colombia and Extrimian

MinTic of Colombia and Extrimian firm the renovation of their agreement

MinTIC and Extrimian renew agreement to promote Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence in the country. From Extrimian, we are happy to communicate that we renewed the memorandum of understanding with the MinTIC (Ministry of Information Technology and Communications of Colombia), with a duration of two more years. After two extremely productive and fruitful years during […]