About us

We believe that a new way of managing identity is necessary to create a better world, by solving diverse problems that affect the entire population. We are part of an ecosystem that is moved by the same convictions, pushing all together to achieve impactful changes.

Our focus is to facilitate governments and enterprises in the implementation of descentralized and self-sovereign identity solutions, so they can provide citizens and clients with profund changes for improving their lives, privacy and relations.

Our team

We have a high startup spirit. We are passionate about challenges, and we constantly seek to have the knowledge to defy them. We believe in cooperation and trust as the foundations for a better future.

Our mission is to create descentralized technologies that transform the make the world more transparent, equal and trustworthy. Everyday we are a day closer to achieve it.

Guillermo Villanueva
Founder & CEO
Pedro Perrotta
Founder & CMO
Pablo Mosquella
Martin Escudero
Celina Villanueva
Product Manager
Brian Desiderio
SSI Expert & Architect
Tomás Escudero
Full Stack Developer
Pedro Lopez Guzman
Full Stack Developer
Ivan Taddei
Full Stack Developer
Julieta Cura
Marketing Strategist
Lucila Ortelli
Marketing Strategist
Pablo Luna
Full Stack Developer
Germán Navarro
Full Stack Developer
Angeles Costarelli
Full Stack Developer
Mateo Manfrei
Full Stack Developer
Velentino Riera Torraca
Full Stack Developer
Pablo Serra
HR & Admin
David Peces
Sales and Partners specialist

Why work with Extrimian?

We value team work, people wellbeing and flexibility. We push for the professional growth of each member of our team.

We are in going through the adventure of exploring and building cutting-edge technologies, which creates a learning and ideas exchange environment.

This is just the begging, would you like to join the revolution?

Our values



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Leverage our re-usable components to kick-start your blockchain solution. Use our nodes to expedite your development or integrate our SSI SDK to build your SSI compatible solution.


Regardless of your blockchain skill, we help you getting started. We work together to create your added value offering. Use our training and introduction materials to include in our solution.


Whether you are a crypto expert or not, you can integrate your solution to our platform and be available in our Marketplace for faster setup and reaching  a wider audience of companies building solutions and their ecosystems.


Work hand-in-hand with our team in order to create your tailor-made solution. Blockchain can be hard and time consuming, leave that to us and focus on your core business development 

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Grupo Sabra

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