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Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) is a pioneering organization at the forefront of decentralized digital identity technologies.

In this page, we delve into DIF’s mission, vision, its profound impact on Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), and our collaborative efforts, including the Extrimian-partnered DIF HackAlong series.

Mission and Vision of Decentralized Identity Foundation

DIF Mission

The Decentralized Identity Foundation aims to empower individuals and organizations by developing an open ecosystem for decentralized management of digital identities. Through collaboration with industry leaders, DIF champions the creation of secure, interoperable, and privacy-preserving technologies.

DIF Vision

DIF envisions a globally connected digital environment where every individual, entity, and device enjoys a secure, verifiable, and enduring digital identity. Their vision champions a decentralized web of trust that minimizes reliance on centralized authorities while maximizing security and privacy.

DIF’s Role in Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

DIF is instrumental in promoting and advancing Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technologies. This work involves the incubation technical specifications, protocols, reference implementations and applications.

Aos, DIF is working on DIF Labs. The Labs WG ( Working Group) serves as an IP-safe environment for incubating decentralized identity applications and implementations.

Contributions to SSI:

  • Development of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs): DIF has been pivotal in the advancement and adoption of DIDs, which are crucial for the operation of SSI frameworks.
  • Innovative Protocols for Verifiable Credentials: DIF’s protocols ensure that digital credentials are both interoperable across different platforms and verifiable independently of the issuer.

Achievements of DIF in the Digital Identity Ecosystem

DIF’s contributions have significantly shaped the digital identity landscape:

  • Decentralized Web Nodes (DWNs) Data storage and message relay mechanism entities can use to locate public or private permissioned data related to a DID
  • DIDcomm- Secure, private, transport-agnostic communication built atop the decentralized design of DIDs. 
  • Presentation Exchange-A set of data formats Verifiers can use to articulate proof requirements and Holders can use to describe proofs, PE 2.0
  • Universal Resolver and Registrar: These open-source projects have set the standard for resolving and registering DIDs across multiple blockchain systems, enhancing the interoperability and accessibility of digital identities.
  • Interoperability Tests and Plugfests: Regular community events and tests ensure that different implementations of DIDs and verifiable credentials work seamlessly together, pushing the ecosystem towards greater cohesion and usability. DIF is not running plug fests at this time. But here is a sample of test suites that have been used in 2022.

Extrimian and the Decentralized Identity Foundation

As a member of DIF, Extrimian actively participates in discussions, development, and dissemination of decentralized identity technologies. Our collaboration with DIF underscores our commitment to enhancing digital identity solutions that are not only secure but also user-centric.

Extrimian is a member of Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) since 2022

Collaborative Engagement:

  • DIF HackAlong Webinars: These events, co-organized with DIF, promote community engagement, knowledge sharing, and innovation within the decentralized identity space. Participants explore current challenges and develop new solutions, fostering a collaborative environment that drives the industry forward.

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Join us at Extrimian as we continue to collaborate with DIF to shape a secure, efficient, and equitable digital future. Embrace the transformative potential of decentralized digital identities and become part of a community that values security, privacy, and user empowerment.