Verifiable Credentials, Soulbound Tokens and Non-fungible Tokens Podcast

A Venn diagram illustrating the connections and distinctions between verifiable credentials (VCs), soulbound tokens (SBTs), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the Web3 identity landscape.

Let’s talk about technologies Verifiable Credentials, Soulbound Tokens and Non-fungible Tokens, and the main differentials between them. Explore the benefits and advantages of each technology, and why from Extrimian we develop and support Verifiable Credentials standar. Guillermo Villanueva -CEO of Extrimian- and two of our Full Stack Developers, discuss about the differences and similarities between […]

¿What is Self Sovereign Identity? – Episode 1 | Podcast

What is SSI and how does it work? The benefits of SSI for individuals and businesses.

In this episode of our Twitter Space “Where we go we don’t need roads”, Pablo Mosquella from Extrimian, talks with our Identity Architect, Brian Desiderio, about what Self-Sovereign Identity is all about, and they answer questions such as: What makes up our identity? What problems do we have today with our identity? We analyze what […]