Identity is the big next thing coming to crypto & Web3 !


Due to the fairly recent announcement by Vitalik Buterin  about SBTs or Soulbound Tokens, we believe it is important to take some time to understand this project, its goals, strengths and weaknesses. It is important to understand what are the major differences with Verifiable Credentials (one of the main players within the Self-Sovereign Identity system).

Digital Decentralized Identity
Digital Decentralized Identity

From Extrimian we took some time to talk about these issues in a Twitter Space that you can listen to here: Extrimian Podcast “Let’s talk about Verifiable Credentials, Soulbound Tokens & Non-fungible Tokens”

But Also, we want to recommend and share with you this great conversation, between Vitalik and Evin McMullen, about VCs (Verifiable Credentials) and SBTs (Soulbound Tokens). It’s very interesting and important for our ecosystem to have such a relevant figure in the crypto and web3 ecosystem like Vitalik, talking about the importance of Identity. 

Soulbound: On or off Chain? | Vitalik Buterin and Evin McMullen

Both, Vitalic and Evin, agree Identity being central for WEB3

Today in Web3 we can only express our financial being. Like Evin says, Identity is so much more than our financial transactions and the assets we have. There is so much that we could do with a robust identity and reputation system. That includes the possibility of register non financial contributions to communities, achievements, capabilities, relationships and much more.

It’s important that these conversations take place so the community can get along in the benefits and uses of each technology. 

From Extrimian our goal is to promote, educate and work so that more and more is said and discussed about Identity within the ecosystem! We believe that identity is essential to web3, and the way we handle it will be crucial for improving people’s lives. 

What are we doing from Extrimian to continue promoting a Decentralized and Self-Sovereign Identity system?

With our products and tools you can start building identity solutions on web3 fast and easy. 

Extrimian Products:

1- SSI Framework

Extrimian SSI Framework groups standards and specifications related to self-sovereign identity, DID, and verifiable credentials.

The NPM package provides the necessary functionalities for modular implementations of decentralized identity applications and provides interoperability with other components in an easy and flexible way:

  • Extrimian SDK

The Extrimian SDK groups standards and specifications related to self-sovereign identity, DID, and verifiable credentials.

  • VC Suite

With this component a credential can be created, being able to understand Context and Schema.

  • Decentralized Web Node

A decentralized web node (DWN) is a message transmission and data storage mechanism that can be used to locate authorized public or private data related to a given decentralized identifier (DID).

2- Agent / ID Wallet

Self-sovereign identity allows to manage your identity online withourt the need of enless passwords or a trusted third party.

Just like your physical wallet that carries your ID cards, use Extrimian Agent/Wallet to store credentials from public or private issuers such as companies or agencies and send proofs for verification.

Self-Sovereign Identity or SSI
Self-Sovereign Identity or SSI

Do you want to know more about these Decentralized Digital Identity?

To learn more about how Self-Sovereign Identity works and what are its main attributes and components, follow us on our social networks (Twitter, LikedIn and Youtube).

Also, stay tuned for the opening of our Discord, where we hope, there will be a debate around these issues, leading to elevate and evolve the current Identity systems towards a more secure, self-sovereign, decentralized, and user-centered one.

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