Nodes as a service

NaaS boosts the access to the main DLT networks for Web3 application on RSK, Ethereum, Bitcoin, ION, and more.

In less than 3 min you can get access to shared nodes through the Extrimian API and forget about all network infrastructure problems. Let Extrimian take care of it.

Supported Networks
And corresponding testnets

Don’t see the network you need?

Let us know and we will add it!

Product Features
API Extrimian

The Extrimian API is our gateway to the redundant infrastructure of blockchain networks and services. For each network we have several nodes in different regions of the world in order to maintain high availability.

TX Explorer

Check what happens in each transaction you send to the platform. Not only requests, but also responses to be sure that what you receive is correct in order to accuretly debug if necessary.

Compute Units

The free account has 350.000.000 free CUs per month to test your dApps. If your project needs to consume more CUs, you can switch to our paid subscription options.


Check 24/7 the health of the platform, response times by region and network status.


Something you don’t understand? Need help with web3? Prefer our engineers to create the accesses for you? Simply contact our support and they will solve your doubts as soon as possible.


The level of security is the same in both cases. It will depend more on where you’ll be using it.


They are simple and totally transparent to use. They do not represent any underlying information, do not encrypt a secret message and are simply an unreadable unique ID.

APIKEY is ideal to set up in wallets with backend where only a few have access to the information, such as Metamask or similar.


It is a slightly more flexible and extensive method of authorization. The expiry time can be set, the information is encrypted, the validation of the token can be done offline, among other things.

In the future it will be possible to give different levels of access to a user over a network.

If you are a web3 explorer we recommend to use the APIKEY, and when you are more familiar with the Web3 world, you can migrate to JWT.