Agent / Wallet

Self-sovereign identity allows to manage your identity online withourt the need of enless passwords or a trusted third party.

Just like your physical wallet that carries your ID cards, use Extrimian Agent/Wallet to store credentials from public or private issuers such as companies or agencies and send proofs for verification.

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Difference between a Wallet and a Mobile Agent

This answer cannot be answered definitively. The terms still change and drift over time as our emerging “market” changes shape and needs. They may never really settle down, because both “wallet” and “agent” are complex, multivalent terms already found in the history of software, meaning very different things in close contexts.

For example, in browser terminology, an “agent” is any daemon or widget that represents or reliably serves a distant (usually human) party in a fiduciary or remote control capacity. However, in legal terms, an agent is anything that acts on behalf of another.

Product Features
Stand-alone wallet

Download our wallet for Android or IOS and use it on any application compliance with DIF standards to receive, store and validate Verifiable Credentials.

Take ownership of your own identity and benefit from Self-sovereign identity.

Integrate to your dApp

Are you developing your SSI solution? Integrate our wallet to your dApp and allow users without a previous wallet to have a very seamless experience.

If your users already have a previous wallet, they will still be able to use it on your dApp.