Cyber insecurity is costing us trillions

but it is also costing us business reputation, privacy and even our identities

Technology exists today to make online transactions safe, reducing the inmense cost companies have to endure on security and processes.

At Extrimian, we have the solution to make it mainstream.

First, we need to tell you who we are

We have 10 years of experience implementing Blockchain and Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) solutions.

We are co-founders and developers of QuarkID, the decentralized identity protocol in Latin America and the Caribbean, with the onboarding of the first 500,000 users by 2023.

Extrimian is a world-leading company in the field of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), with a track record of ten years in researching and developing cutting-edge technologies in both the SSI and Blockchain areas. Our SSI technologies have been adopted by leading institutions in various sectors, including financial services, oil and gas, healthcare, and government, in different countries across Latin America, the Caribbean region, and Europe.

We are a privately owned product company with over 30 years of experience in Enterprise Software. With a team of 25 people, we specialise in Blockchain and Self-Sovereign ID, and have successfully implemented solutions in Argentina, the Caribbean, and Europe. Our company was founded by former Microsoft executives, and we have since established ourselves as a leader in our field.

In addition to our team’s capabilities, our company has a strong track record of successful projects and contributions. We are founding members of Lacchain in LATAM, collaborating in many of their publications and technical components, our CEO Guillermo Villanueva has collaborated on the paper ‘The Future of Identity: Self-Sovereignty, Digital Wallets, and Blockchain’. We are also members of Alastria, the Decentralised Identity Foundation, the Trust Over IP Foundation.

Our focus on Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Blockchain for over nine years has resulted in successful implementations for leading institutions in various sectors across different countries and our approach to partner with Governments is resulting in QuarkID, an SSI framework that is being adopted in LATAM. This framework is aligned with other similar initiatives in the world (e.g. EUDI Wallet, eIDAS2). The biggest contribution is to achieve deployment of these technologies in our region being a facilitator for cross-region interoperability.

The government of Buenos Aires City will be the first institution to adopt the QuarkID protocol, leading the way in the transition to Decentralized Government (DeGov) in the region.
The potential reach of QuarkID in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area is 7 million users, with the government targeting the onboarding of the first 500,000 users by 2023.
QuarkID will initially be used in DeGov processes between citizens and the Public Administration, with the government issuing over 10 types of certificates as Verifiable Credentials (VCs) that users will hold and exchange using their ID wallets in various scenarios.

Now, let’s talk about the problem

with the current identity model.

Global average total cost of a data breach is $4.35M

The cost of a breach in the healthcare industry went up 42% since 2020. For the 12th year in a row, healthcare had the highest average data breach cost of any industry. (Source: IBM)

Sin confianza, las economías y las sociedades no funcionan de manera eficiente. Conocer la identidad de todas las partes involucradas es el requisito más importante para generar confianza en cualquier organización social o económica. Ya sea completando un formulario para registrar una nueva empresa, abriendo una cuenta bancaria, yendo al hospital o comprando algo en línea; cuanto menos confianza sobre la identidad de los participantes tienen las partes, más riesgosa y menos deseable es la interacción. Ninguno de nosotros tiene una identidad digital en el mundo online porque Internet fue diseñado para conectar máquinas, no personas. Cada sitio web o aplicación que usamos nos proporciona una identidad que “alquilamos”. Como resultado, cualquier organización con la que nos relacionemos debe conservar nuestra información personal en vastas bases de datos que gradualmente se convierten en “silos de identidad”. A pesar de que en los inicios de Internet un planteamiento de la identificación basado en silos podía haber tenido éxito, ahora, con miles de millones de personas y casi todas las empresas en línea, los “silos de identidad” se han convertido en una mina de oro para los piratas informáticos y en un pasivo tóxico para demasiadas organizaciones. No podemos confiar en la identidad de los individuos en línea ni en lo que proporcionan, ya que la privacidad se ha visto comprometida y problemas como el fraude están aumentando rápidamente. A medida que el ritmo de la transformación digital se acelera y la Web3 empieza a ganar tracción, los costes se disparan. Por lo que desarrollar una identificación digital sólida es esencial para mejorar nuestra capacidad de generar confianza digital y aprovechar el potencial de la economía digital del siglo XXI.

Cybercrime represents the 3rd largest economy in the world

Over the next five years companies risk losing an estimated US$5.2 trillion in value creation opportunities from the digital economy—almost the size of the economies of France, Italy and Spain combined—to cybersecurity attacks. (Source: Accenture) 

AI-powered attacks will cost businesses over $5 trillion by 2024

The use of AI in cybercrime can make attacks more effective, targeted, and difficult to detect, potentially leading to a new era of cybercrime where even the most advanced security measures may not be enough. (Source: Capgemini Research)

The promise of Self-Sovereign Identity has come as a solution

A new framework of trust has to be built on top of the internet, making interactions trustworthy increasing the digital economy.

The technology to make it happen already exists, but no company was able to really unlock its potential yet.

The real challenge
comes with implementing Self-Soverign Identity
at Scale

No organization or government can achieve it alone.
Different key players are needed.

And, THIS is what makes Extrimian unique:

we have the power to bring the technology to everybody

How do we do it?

We partner with governments to set the roots to make it accessible to everybody.

We are co-founders of QuarkID, the SSI protocol for LATAM, expected to onboard 600,000 users on 2023. The protocol has the potential to reach millions of users on its firsts years.

In January 2022, the Government of Buenos Aires City partnered with Extrimian, a leading company in self-sovereign identity (SSI), to develop QuarkID. This world-class SSI protocol is poised to become the de facto standard for the entire Latin America and Caribbean region.

QuarkID key differentiators are: 

  • Co-creation that gives balance between private and public sector needs,
  • a partnership with Govs that provides quick access to a critical mass of users
  • Fostering a diversity of ID wallets aligned with SSI principles to create specific experiences for specific user segments.

The first version of the QuarkID protocol has been finalised and will enter production before the end of April. The government of Buenos Aires City will be the first institution to adopt the QuarkID protocol, leading the way in the transition to Decentralised Government (DeGov) in the region with a potential reach of 7M users, government target for 2023 is 500,000 users. 

QuarkID will initially be used in DeGov processes between citizens and the Public Administration, with the government issuing over 10 types of certificates as Verifiable Credentials (VCs) that users will hold and exchange using their Identity Wallets in various scenarios.

The Buenos Aires City government will be followed by many other institutions and cities. We currently hold MOUs from 5 other cities in LATAM to adopt and expand the QuarkID protocol, also over 10 private companies who are looking to adopt the protocol and issue their own VCs, including one of the largest banks in the country, universities, pharmaceutical, and logistics companies. 

QuarkID is an open, decentralized, and multi-chain Self-Sovereign ID protocol we are co-creating with Governments and major companies in LATAM and Europe that reaches the mainstream user and creates value from daily use cases implementations, starting with eGov scenarios and quickly expanding to other use cases.

Much like many other SSI solutions that are quickly emerging, QuarkID is a protocol based on Self-Sovereign Identity principles and technical standards. It is designed to give users back the control of their data, to be open source so anyone can build on it and blockchain agnostic, so identities can be anchored on any L2 or L1 blockchain protocol. The key difference in our value proposition to society is that QuarkID is co-created and launched during its initial stage in partnership with local and national Governments. We opted for this strategy because we believe that any self-sovereign ID framework that truly becomes mainstream has to break barriers such as:

Limited adoption: While there is growing interest in SSI and blockchain technology, adoption of these solutions is still relatively limited. Compared to traditional identity solutions, such as username and password-based authentication, SSI solutions based on blockchain are still in the early stages of adoption.

Technical complexity: SSI solutions based on blockchain can be complex to implement and use, particularly for non-technical users. They require users to manage their own private keys and interact with decentralized networks, which can be daunting for some users.

Limited interoperability: At present, there is limited interoperability between different SSI solutions based on blockchain. This means that users may need to use different solutions for different use cases or in different contexts, which can be confusing and inconvenient.

Limited awareness: Many people are still not familiar with the concept of SSI and the potential benefits it offers. This lack of awareness can make it difficult for SSI solutions based on blockchain to gain mainstream adoption.

We provide the products for companies to seamless integrate into protocols and create massive ecosystems in minutes.

These companies use cases create relevance and value for users.

¿How do we build Digital Identity for impact on all society?


Public Entities

Nuestro objetivo es facilitar el acceso a la tecnología de Identidad Digital descentralizada para implementar el nuevo estándar. Nos asociamos con el Sector Público porque:

  • Una Identidad Digital respaldada por un gobierno se despliega como una infraestructura pública, abierta y de uso gratuito, que incorporará a millones de usuarios y la utilizarán en los servicios de eGov.
  • Un Gobierno proporciona a los usuarios sus primeras y más básicas credenciales verificables, como la ID Nacional, pasaportes y permisos de conducir, que son fundamentales para crear más casos de uso.

En esta alianza, nuestros ingresos proceden de los servicios profesionales de implementación, apoyo y formación sobre el nuevo Marco de Identidad Digital.


Private Sector

Con un marco de Identidad Digital implementado y con usuarios activos, nuestro producto al Sector Privado cobra relevancia, nuestras herramientas sirven para:

  • Crear casos de uso que sean relevantes para la vida cotidiana de las personas, con esto la Identidad Digital se usa muchas veces por día (ej: ID nacional, carnet de transporte, de salud, de actividades deportivas, etc.)
  • Abrir nuevos casos de negocio que antes no eran posibles mejorando también la inclusión social y el crecimiento de la economía digital.
  • Mejorar el comercio regional y la integración de la productividad para los negocios digitales.

Aquí nuestro modelo es B2B con herramientas disponibles a través de suscripción. Las empresas pueden consumir nuestros productos y pagar por el uso de la infraestructura.


End Users

Una vez que la identidad auto-soberana es relevante para las personas, las billeteras digitales de identidad ofrecen diferentes características para satisfacer las necesidades de cada individuo (ej: abogados, fintech, adolescentes). 

Todos las billeteras de ID son interoperables entre sí, pero necesitan una serie de distintos complementos/plugins y servicios (ej: procesamiento de pagos integrado, espacio en la nube, Vault services, etc.).

Aquí nuestro modelo es B2C proporcionando servicios añadidos para usuarios finales a un costo adicional y capitalizando el volumen de usuarios que genera la Identidad Digital implementada a escala.

We have a product for every need

And, NOW is the right moment because:

Big necessity of lowering costs

Global crisis force governments to the efficiency of public spending, while companies are forced to optimize resources and reduce costs.

Acceleration of digital life

Is becoming an increasingly important part of individuals daily tasks but there is no security layer for private data.

Lack of control over one’s personal information leads to privacy and security issues. Online security depends fundamentally on the skills that each person has to protect themselves.

New Breakthrough technology

Blockchain technology and cryptography presented great advances and applications outside the financial world.

Now let’s take a look to our approach to the market

The Business Model

As a first stage

We partner with Governments for Value Creation by deploying and expanding the usage of QuarkID.

This alliance creates:

  • Available critical mass for the private sector to offer solutions creating initial adoption (e.g. 500k users available just in City of Bs. As. during 2023).
  • Absorbing costs of massive onboarding by Governments.
  • Breaks the barrier of technology awareness and complexity for a mainstream audience.

On a second stage, we monetize by:

1- Professional Services

2- SaaS Subscription Model

3- End Users

Meet The Team

Guillermo Villanueva

Co- Founder / CEO

Pedro Perrotta

Co-Founder / CMO

Founders with +9 years of Blockchain experience in productive implementations.

Advisors with proven experiences in creating unicorn IT startups.

Full team: flexible and quick to iterate, in constant learning.

Our Advisors


Blockchain & Crypto Currencies


Cloud Business & Identity Mgmt.


Capital Markets & Strategic Planning


Tax & Legal

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But why is Extrimian unique?

We open the roads for our potential market…

…and create the next generation of identity and authentication systems that will be the foundation of the digital world of the future.


One of the leading teams in the world in decentralized technologies focused on identity and data security solutions.


We develop products for the implementation of
Self-Sovereign Identity.

And we go one step foward


The decision to co-create and drive QuarkID is the result of Extrimian’s vision and purpose.

SSI is in a global development stage and in order to expand it needs regional and interoperable identity frameworks created in public-private partnerships.