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Use our SDK to integrate SSI, DID and Verifiable Credentials standards and specifications to your solution without having to become an expert.

NaaS boosts the access to the main DLT networks for Web3 application on RSK, Ethereum, Bitcoin, ION, and more.

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Self-sovereign identity allows to manage your identity online withourt the need of a trusting third party. Use Extrimian Agent/Wallet to collect credentials from different issuers.

Technical documentation

For use cases that don’t require in house implementation, we are developing a solution to use SSI as a Service. Simply login to our platform and you’ll be able to create Verifiable Credentials and send them to a specific DID.

IPFS is a distributed system for storing and accessing files, websites, applications and data. Design for speed and simplicity, the IPFS API and Extrimian’s dedicated gateway connect apps of all sizes to destribuited storage, paving the way for a more resistant web.

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RSK Enterprise helps our users to easily build decentralized technologies and self-sovereign identity solutions, without the need of extensive research and big investments.

The most complete and affordable platform in the market, saving our clients time and money.

It used to take me months of research and countless dev hours to develop a solution. Using RSK Enterprise, I publish my dApps in a fraction of the time.

Marcus T.

Project Manager – USA

We wanted to integrate SSI to our business, but didn’t have the resources to hire a specialized team to do it. RSK Enterprise allowed us to saved so much money and time!

Laura V.

CTO – Argentina

By using RSK Enterprise to implement decentralized technologies we were finally able to prevent the endless hacking attacks that we were getting.

Juan A. G.

Full-stack developer – Costa Rica


An integrated cloud platform providing all
common services that every web3 application needs

Product FAQ
Why should I use Extrimian?

Our product suite helps you get into web3 in simple steps. Use SSI Framework to resolve identity implementations and connect to the blockchain network you want by generating an endpoint for any of our multi network nodes

What networks does Extrimian support?

Extrimian supports multiple networks. RSK (Rootstock) Mainnet and Testnet, Bitcoin Mainnet and Testnet, Ethereum Mainnet and Testnet , Polygon, Starknet. We will continue to incorporate new networks into our platform.

How do I get started?

You can start by trying our free subscription. As you grow you can upgrade your subscription.

Use Github to download SDK and start coding. Connect to our APIs through services or select naas solution to choose the node you want and generate your endpoint.

Where can I learn more about Self Sovereign Identity Solutions?

You can start by visiting our Blog, Podcasts and Social media, where we are always sharing information and articles that will help you to understand the potential of decentralized identity solutions. For any particular question you can contact us at info@extrimian.com