What do we mean by Web3 at Extrimian?

Discover the Web 3.0 Revolution with Extrimian: A Journey from the Dawn of the Internet to the New Digital Era.


In this Masterclass, we delve deep into the transformation from Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, and how Web 3.0 is redefining our online interactions.

We explore the key technologies that have marked each stage of the Internet’s development, from the basics of HTML and HTTP in Web 1.0 to the advancements in cryptography and AI that define Web 3.

We examine in detail how Web 3.0, driven by blockchain technologies and cybersecurity solutions, promises greater autonomy and security in managing digital identities and online transactions.

Furthermore, we investigate the business models that have evolved alongside the Internet: from the era of advertising and e-commerce to the monetization of personal data and the emergence of decentralized services.

In Extrimian, we explore the potential of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), the importance of document verification, and how advanced cryptography is revolutionizing digital identity.

Join us on this fascinating journey through Web 3.0 and discover how this new phase promises an unprecedented integration between the physical and digital worlds, opening doors to a decentralized and secure future.