We Are Extrimian

We empower clients and users with advanced solutions that transform the management of digital identity, making it safer, more efficient, and directly controlled by the user.

Our product includes Extrimian Academy, an educational platform that trains users and organizations in the use and benefits of decentralized digital identity, and Extrimian ID Connect, a comprehensive solution for the management of identities that facilitates the issuance, management, and verification of digital credentials securely and reliably.

We offer a unique experience: discover the potential of verifiable information + integrate solutions for decentralized digital identity with us.

Our tools and technologies are designed to support the creation of a digital identity ecosystem that is secure and interoperable, allowing users to navigate digital environments with greater confidence and reduced risk.

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We collaborate closely with governments to implement our solution at both local and national levels, improving security, efficiency, and reducing fraud. This cooperation not only improves the infrastructure of digital identity but also establishes a standard of trust and quality in digital services.

With an initial focus on highly regulated industries, we leverage our critical mass of government users to extend our reach to the private sector. Additionally, our Professional Services team accompanies organizations throughout the implementation process, ensuring seamless integration and maximizing the value of our solutions.

We have extensive experience and technical knowledge accumulated over the years. A clear demonstration of our capacity is our role as technical implementers of QuarkID, a comprehensive digital trust protocol in Latin America co-created with various public and private partners.

We are dedicated to preparing organizations and society to face future challenges, providing solutions tailored to various sectors. To explore specific use cases according to your sector and the necessary solutions, visit our site.