• Integration of Physical and Digital Worlds through Web 3: The evolution of the internet is leading to a fusion of the digital and physical worlds. The importance of Web 3, focused on decentralization and extensive use of cryptography, is highlighted. In other words, it will facilitate the authentication and verification of information, transforming experiences in identification, transactions, and authentication of genuine information.
  • Extrimian as a Catalyst for Web 3: Extrimian collaborates in the mass adoption of Web 3, similar to what Netscape did for Web 1.0 and the iPhone for Web 2.0. Extrimian seeks to facilitate access to the existing Web 3 infrastructure, driving its adoption on a massive scale.
  • Differentiation and Creation of New Users: Extrimian differentiates by creating new users, integrating existing technologies with new experiences. The importance of public-private collaborations, especially in Latin America, to foster the mass adoption of new technologies is mentioned.
  • Practical Benefits of Web 3.0: We explore the practical benefits of Web 3, using the example of an enhanced airport experience. It highlights how these improvements lead to cost reductions and increased security, benefiting users, businesses, and governments alike.
  • Implementation and Education in the Adoption of Web 3: The importance of education and understanding in the implementation of Web 3 is addressed. The experience of working with governments and private companies is mentioned, along with the need to educate about the use and potential of these new technologies, highlighting the launch of the Extrimian Academy.