Extrimian SSI Agent. SDK implementation


  1. Creation and Configuration of Agents:
    • Creation and configuration of DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers) for different agents: Issuer, Holder and Verifier.
    • Each agent has distinct roles: the Issuer (such as a university) issues verifiable credentials, the Holder (such as a student) stores them in a wallet, and the Verifier (such as a potential employer) verifies the authenticity of the credential.
  2. Understanding the Protocols:
    • OASIS Protocol, detailing how the Holder and Verifier interact around a credential – its issuance, presentation and verification.
  3. Implementation of Secure Data Storage:
    • Technical aspects such as secure data storage configuration and private key management for each agent.
  4. Credential Issuance and Verification Process:
    • Demonstrates the credential issuance process, where the Issuer creates an invitation for credential creation, and the Holder processes this invitation (possibly via a QR code scan).
    • The Holder then waits for the credential to be stored in its agent.
    • For verification, the Holder presents the credential to the Verifier, who then performs the necessary verifications.
  5. Practical Implementation:
    • It includes a live coding session, showing the step-by-step process of initializing agents, creating DIDs and running the broadcast and verification scripts.