6. QR Code Scanning


Extrimian’s API allows institutions to issue verifiable credentials digitally and securely. In this case, it will be demonstrated how the National University issues a credential to a student, using a QR code generated from the Extrimian platform.

Credentials Generation and Acceptance Process

  1. Process Start: The user initiates the process by scanning a QR code from their QuarkID wallet, which must already have a previously generated DID (Decentralized Identifier). This step is crucial to link the user’s digital identity with the credential to be issued.
  2. QR Code Scanning: Scanning the QR code initiates a communication process between the wallet and the Extrimian API, displaying on screen the details of the credential to be issued, including the name, last name, and a description that validates the user as a student of the establishment.
  3. Credential Acceptance: Once the user reviews the credential information, he/she can accept it. At this point, the credential becomes verifiable, since it is generated with the corresponding “proofs” that ensure its validity and authenticity.
  4. Viewing the Credential: Finally, the verifiable credential is stored in the wallet of the user, who can access it at any time to view its information, including the image and style of the credential, which can be customized through the Extrimian API descriptor.